noble child

Michael Abashwili is the heir to the throne of the governor. His mother Natella Abashwili shows cold love to him but realizes how important Michael is. The governor had entitled his estate to Michael.


The kid makes Grusha fall in love with him. Grusha feels an intense attraction towards the kid that she cannot leave him behind to die.


Grusha sees how helpless the child is and feels an obligation to look after him. She yearns to be of assistance despite the risks involved.


Even when he couldn’t speak Michael has a pull around him. When Grusha tries to pull herself from him, she finds it hard. While playing with kids he refuses to play his role as the governor and wants to be the one who cuts the Governor. Given he is the youngest, the other boys reluctant lets him have his way showing how influential Michael really is.

7 thoughts on “CAUCASIAN CHALK CIRCLE By Bertolt Brecht

  1. I think the whole aspect of Michael and Grusha finding it hard to resist him is summed up in Michael’s character as lovable. The aspect of domineering does not come out. He actually does not insist in being the one to chop the head to qualify him as domineering. My view

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