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He is the wealthiest Governor in Grusinia. He is the brother to Arsen Kazbeki-the Fat Prince. He has a child, Michael with his beautiful wife Natella.



The governor does no say much. He speaks less and seems unconcerned with things around him. Moreover, he concerns himself with trivial issues like why the Fat Prince wished him a happy Easter. He fails to recognize the presence of a messenger.


The Governor does not recognize the value of good leadership. He is very insensitive to the needs of the people. He doesn’t care about the welfare of the people. “The water inspector takes bribes…”(pg14) But all their petitions fall on the deaf ear of the governor. A man whose responsibility is to look after the welfare of the people acts as though he is in a strange land.


The governor goes to church on the Easter Sunday. From what we see it is more of a ritual than a religious man. As can be seen in the singer’s words, the man was more interested in displaying the young Michael Abashwili than in listening to the cries of the many petitioners. He was more interested in meeting the architects than in hearing the poor messenger. He puts his welfare before the needs of the many. He represents a cluster of leaders who traverse the roads promising good fortunes only to turn and become the most corrupt leaders who give handouts in schools and gatherings like biscuits.


He cuts his wife out of the will and writes all his property under Michael. By the standards of his wealth and uncaring demeanour, it is safe to argue that he had a self-confidence that through his immense power, there was no soldier who would go against him. He was surprised to come into contact with bitter betrayal when the loya Ironshirts turned against him.

Having vast amounts of wealth in a society of so many beggars begs the question on the governor’s integrity. He was dirty and power hungry that he felt no pity staring in the eyes of hungry children on begging skinny mothers.


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