FAT PRINCE, Arsen Kazbeki



He is the brother to Georgi Abashwili the Governor. He orchestrates the coup that sees his brother beheaded.



He is so eager to get into power that he organizes the killing of his own brother. The manner in which the governor is beheaded shows that the Fat Prince doesn’t give a damn about how his brother dies. He cares less on the wellbeing of the governor’s son that he orders for the killing of Michael Abashwili too.

Mean/inhumane/ uncaring/sadistic

Instead of giving his brother a decent burial he lets the Ironshirts hang him like a traitor to instil fear in the people of Grusinia. Furthermore, he cares less on what should happen to Michael who is only an infant. He tells his nephew that, in this time of chaos, they were acting cool may be in the guise so that the Ironshirts and the masses could help them capture the Grand duke.


He plans the governor’s execution and orchestrates it when no one is expecting it. He also plans to influence the ironshirts so as to install his nephew as a new judge. However, his overconfidence falters when Azdak is chosen over his nephew.


He compels his unwilling and untutored nephew into taking the Judge’s seat (pg72). According to the nephew’s deliberations, I is safe to say that he was under instruction from the Fat Prince.

Despite being wealthy, the Fat Prince’s ranch is a no go zone. Shauwa warns Azdak that he would be detained for killing rabbits in the farm

In the play within a play where Azdak plays as the Grand Duke, it is evident that the Fat prince is displeased by Azdak’s accusations. He is apparently corrupt given that he hides in the lie that Azdak was talking like a carped weaver (Pg74).


The night he talks about the rain, is suspicious given that it had not rained. The Governor is disturbed but he is bought by the surprise that the Fat Prince had wished him a happy easter. This indicaes the devious plans the Fat Prince had put in place to assassinate and eliminate the Governor from power.

If Azdak’s accusations are anything to go by, then we can comfortably believe that, instead of peace the Fat Prince is vouching for war given that they embezzle much of the resources that had been allocated for war.

Finally, he believes in his influence and hopes to reap maximumly from it when the Ironshirts officially rubberstamp his nephew into the office as a judge.



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