GRUSHA to the Northern Mountains (photo

Grusha was a Kitchen maid in the governor’s palace. She is engaged to Simon Shashava but ends up marrying Jussup- a dying man to conceal the identity of Michael Abashwili. However, she reunites with Simon during the trial which is presided over by Azdak.

Character traits

Hardworking/loyal/ faithful/steadfast/honest

Grusha portrays the image of a hardworking servant. Acording to Simon Shashava, the young lady is occassionaly seen down the river washing linen. Furthermore, when she is called to go and bring the the goose, she wastes no time. Moreover, she is honest enough to tell Simon where she had been and why. When Simon finally finds her in the Northern Mountains, she openly admits that she is married. Besides, she had struggled to keep to her fidelity waiting for simon but Jussup was too suspicious forcing her to relent for the sake of Michael.


Grusha, through her love for Simon, promises to wait for him (pg23). In her humanity, she takes Michael with her knowing the risk she was putting herself into. She uses her entire savings to buy milk on the way despite him not being her child. She puts herself in harm’s way when she hits an ironshirt with a plank of wood. Furthermore, despite its dangers, Grusha crosses the broken bridge

She is not done yet because, when she is received cold by her brother, she decides to do what she thought was best for Michael. She marries a dying man –Jussup- who after the war rises from the dead miraculously to claim Grusha.

Lastly, in a court in Nuka, she confronts Azdak and also has a heart enough never to fight for Michael knowing pretty well if she had done it, then, she could have torn Michael into pieces.


Grusha displays her courage when she hits the Corporal, grabs Michael and runs away. She also crosses the rotten bridge across the chasm despite the huge risk she is subject to.

Her suspicion proves right when she meets the Ironshirts. She realizes that she is the only one who can take good care of Michael despite her being unmarried.

She bravely confronts Judge Azdak before the court prompting her being charged with contempt of court.

Furthermore, she knows fully well that Michael is not her child but she puts on a spirited fight to claim the child. Her courage however pays up when Azdak gives the child to her.


She holds on to the silver chain Simon gave her even after she got married to Jussup. Secondly, she tells Shashava that she fought for Michael because she found the child the day they got engaged. That is she puts sentimental attachment to objects given to her by her lover. Furthermore, she sings a song of the Center (pg 47) for her lover in war.

Though she is not as religious as her sister in-law, Grusha obeys the religious laws and that is why she baptizes Michael Abashwili when she adopted him. Secondly, she obeys her brother’s suggestion to marry the dying man so that the child may have legal papers. She does so for the safety of Michael and also not to taint the religious image of her brother and attract whispers from the community.



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