This is a government official appointed to oversee the peaceful reconciliation of the two farms over the new ownership of the Rosa Luxembourg farm.

Character traits


He involves himself into the discussion as a member of the committee listening to the conflict keenly without any condescending interruption. He lowers himself to the level of the peasants to try and understand the root of the conflict.


The delegate makes his deliberations after carefully evaluating the reasons given by both farmers. He therefore, putting into considerations the communist economic importance of both groups opinions, makes his decision on who should get the disputed farm and why. On the side of the losers, he promises that the government shall be free to offer a helping hand where necessary. He stands firm by his ruling earning respect for he made both factions realize why he made the said decisions.

It should be noted that, the delegate did not influence the decisions made but made it possible for the two factions to arrive at the decisions that they were pleased with. He gave the two fruit farms the authority to make their own decisions.

Time conscious/considerate

He pleads with Arkadi to shorten the song so that he can get back to Tiflis. However, when Arkadi declines, he obeys and from his silence, we can conclude that he stayed around for the entire song.


The Old man, Right represents the Rosa Luxermbourg. He forms the bedrock of most of the discussion on the issue of the disputed land.

Character traits


He argues that the time given for the discussion is very little. He raises various points which are arguably weak and irrelevant. For example, the way the cheese tastes now that they are not living in the Rosa Luxembourg farm and how it doesn’t smell of morning in the morning. (pg8)

He observes that in the present circumstances, event time is rationed. There is no enough time to discuss issues extensively as it used to be.

Moderate/reluctant to change

He doesn’t want to embrace the changes that are going on in his society. He would rather have lived in Rosa Luxembourg than gone into what he believed to be wasteland. However, he concedes to the new plans by the Galinsk and accepts to move on to the new lands.


The old man dishes around cheese to articulate his point on the detororiating quality of goat cheese. His explanation on way they should come back raises laughter from several people. He heavily anecdotes his talk with proverbs and sayings eg. “I refuse to have a pistol pointed at me” (pg8


He is among the Galinsk.


He thinks that the intention of the Old Man right is to influence the people with the cheese so that they (Rosa Luxembourg) could come bak to their farm.


He doesn’t grasp the witticism of the Old man on the right but goes on to answer that the cheese was sweet. “Why? When I tell you I like it?” (pg8)



He plays a significant role of putting as at the heart of the recovery process as the people are coming to the realization that, after the war, despite the pain and loss, life has to go on.

Character traits


He brings the old man to the reality of the situation at hand. He wisely tells him that, despite there being peace, life has to be rationed to cater for the many needs of the post war society.


She represents a new crop of post war women who now engaged men in conversation and freely shared their ideas without fear. She acts as the unofficial mistress of ceremony.


She states that she started the fire that may have consumed the dairy farm. She bravely participates in the conversation, bringing a new era especially in Africa where, in the issues of land, women had no say.


She explains how they conceived the new plan while still fighting. This shows that, despite the fear of the bullets flying over their heads, they tried to imagine a future after the war. Her idealistic tendencies made sure that the plans were elaborate and visionary.


She introduces the singer Arkadi with applause. While discussing the project she is animated making everyone listen and applause regularly. She quotes Mayakovski in her presentation.


He is the master of the plan to water both the Galinsk and the Rosa Luxembourg farm and Plant Vineyards.


Everyone is pleased with his plans. The old man on the right says that he refuses to look because he knew the plans will be good.


He is the singer invited by Girl Tractorist.


He flatly refuses to shorten the song as requested by the Delegate.


He performs the song easily thumbing through the pages easily as master of his art.



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