Okach please discuss the virtue of courage in The River and the source with reference to Akoko.

Akoko Obanda Nyar Yimbo was the daughter of the great chiefe Odero Gogni. She was the daughter of Aketch, when she was born, her father, who was pa passing by said proudly, “another rock for my sling. Despite his change of heart, when Odero Gogni Uttered the second words of wisdom, he indeed had sired another rock of his sling. Little did he know that this rock shall be cast to the furthest horizons of the world.

Even as a toddler, Akoko claimed her world and as she grew, she earned love and respect not only from her brothers but also from her father. This was advantageous to her given that her father made the effort of choosing the best husband for her. Even after finding the suitable husband, Odero Gogni set the bride price so high so as to make sure that his daughter was not going to starve. Akoko was not just adored but her family but her bravery was an admiration to the whole community. Infact the people of Sakwa recognized this attribute because of the numbers of people who came whenever there was an invite from Sakwa.

In marriage, Akoko has to grapple with In-law issues. She is called names among them a witch. If it were any other woman, she could take it lying down but not for Akoko. When she heard the rumours, she woke the entire village and gave the people of Sakwa, her mother-in-law and the brother-in-law a piece of her mind. She was daring to look Otieno Kembo in the eye and threaten him until he withdrew in fear.

Meanwhile Akoko, puts her powerful set of lungs into good use when she uses her oratory skills to sway the crowd gathered in the morning in her homestead. She holds them in a sway as she narrates her predicament. It was unheard of for a woman to do what she did especially before the maro (mother-in-law). She was one of a kind. Secondly, using the most persuasive and balanced speech, she respectfully accounts for what had led her to live her matrimonial home. And finally, in a full packed court before the DO and DC (both white). She skillfully presents her case. She was a woman without limits.



  1. what are some of the injustices faced by women drawing illustration from the novel the river and the source by Margarer Ogolla

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