Satire is a technique employed by writers to expose and criticize foolishness and corruption of an individual or society by using humour, irony, exaggeration or ridicule. The aim of satire is to improve humanity by criticizing its follies (

In Betrayal in the City the playwright ridicules the society at the beginning. In the typical crazy man synonymous with Francis Imbuga, Jusper the crazy man has more reason than the common non-crazy person.

Society receives heavy mockery because they are fence sitters in the running of the country. “After a while, they picked up stones and started to stone him. The whole crowd was throwing stones. When he fell down, the people took to their heels, thinking him dead” (pg12) These are the words of Jere to Nina and Doga about Jusper. It is sad that the society condemns petty murders while offering no tangible contribution in the fight against injustices. Indeed, Jusper was a cold-hearted murderer but due process should have been followed. In his way, Francis Imbuga condemns those who proclaim the lack of justice yet injustice still reigns in the society.

Moreover, Tumbo has little knowledge on the scheduled play yet he is on the entertainment committee. (pg 64



      1. okachmusungu how are u? kindly email me themes, styles, as well summaries for these books.
        1. The River n the source
        2. Caucasian of the chalk circle
        3. Betrayal in the City
        4. The whale rider.

  1. This is great, kindly I need analysis of other styles of the play for instance play within a play, irony sarcasm etc. How do I get them?

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  3. Hello mwalim, great work you are doing here, please send notes on language and styles on the play Betrayal in the City

  4. Hello sir,
    Am literature student. Kindly advise on how to become a good and admirable literature teacher at high school.
    I love your work.

  5. please forward me essays concerning
    1.change in The River and the Source survival is seen in The River and the Source
    3.How women help in The River and the Source
    4.Satire in Betrayal in the city
    5.pride in Betrayal in the city

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