Jere was formerly a soldier. Currently he serves as a prisoner with Mosese. He was also a teacher of Theology before he was drafted into the army. He plays as a lieutenant in the play that throws Boss out of power.


When Mulili lets Mustafa escape, Jere keeps it a secret without reporting him to hire authorities. He also bides by the plan crafted by them in trying to oust Boss out of Office.


He bravely fights for the rights of the old couple to carry out their funeral rights. This though lands him in prison.

He respects the old couple and understands their predicaments. He shows respect for the dead as a ritual, he goes to the grave drops a coin and prays. (pg15)


He kneels before the grave of Adika and offers a prayer. He also carries a bible when he is detained. Mosese observes that Jere is at home with the Bible from which we learn that Jere was a teacher of religious studies before he was drafted.

He easily makes friends with Mosese even before he knew who Mosese was. He also grows a liking towards Mosese.

In the other cell, before he was brought to the cell where Mosese was, he came up with a play about Pilate caning Jesus as a way of passing time.


The government sent him to stop the hair shaving ceremony in the interest of peace, however, he draws a conclusion that the situation was not as volatile as the government had predicted. In his own way, he tries to allow the family to go on with the ceremony despite the irrational thinking of Mulili.

He declares that, they would gain nothing in killing Boss and states out rightly that their intention was not to shed blood.

He observes the suffering of the people and Mosese and concludes that, “When the madness of an entire nation disturbs a solitary mind. It is not enough to say that the man is mad.” (pg31)



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