Mosese was a former university lecturer now a prisoner in Kafira. He plays as a corporal in the play that ousts Boss from the office.


He felt the pain when there was open pretence in the burial of Adika. He wept and condemned the killings which earned him a prison sentence. He is unlike the people of Kafira who stood in silence and watch the seeds of crocodile tears implanted.


He says that we have killed our past and are busy killing our present. In his own way, Mosese believes that the post-independence Africa is busy burying its destiny in despair. His words speak about the rampant corruption in Kafira and how the people will never know the difference between colonialism and independence. For example, just recently, the government of Kenya is estimated to have borrowed Sh. 104 billion to be paid by 2059. This is a kind of disgrace in society since most of the money goes into corrupt deals, some are stashed into foreign accounts and the country is milked dry.


His answers are as belligerent as the questions asked, when the askari asked him why he was showing them his back, he reckons that because he had no front. Furthermore, he sacarstically says that he wonders why someone of the askari’s understanding would chooses to become a jailer of the innocent.


Mosese is afraid that he may end up supporting what he has been fighting against. In his dream, we see his confusion between the ideals he believes in and the manipulation he faces in prison, just like Winston Smith in 1984, Mosese seems in a struggle to retain his convition

However, he is not ready to give into any other demands or favours to earn his release from prison. He gets angry at Regina who struggles to secure his release. He refuses to participate in the said play but is talked into by Jere.


He is a university lecture. He colludes with Jere and Jusper to bring down boss’s regime. He comfortably discusses various issues with Jere including the Bible.


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