Human Suffering

Kafira is a totalitarian government, therefore the conditions of the majority are expected to be deplorable and demeaning.

First and foremost, the people have no freedom of association, Doga and Nina are given the notice to not go further with the hair shaving ceremony. This the government says is in the interest of peace. However, the government forgets that it is its responsibility to ensure peace and security for its people.

Secondly, in Kafira, the people have no right to protest against demeaning government policies. When the university students protest against the influx of foreign experts to the country, one of their own is killed. Boss is unmoved by the conditions within his country because he believes that the people of Kafira have no way of influencing the government.

The influx of expatriates in Kafira has created unemployment among the common mwanainchi especially those with qualification to work within the government. The irony is that, the government seeks foreign experts yet it employs illiterate people like Mulili and gives jobs to the wrong people like Tumbo.

When justice is denied people suffer most. Nina and Doga have to contend with the fact that they son was killed and no justice has been done. Mosese on the other hand suffers under the pain of betrayal when he is falsely accused of being in possession of an illegal substance. He is locked in for a crime he never committed whilst criminals roam the streets. Jere also get the same punishment for standing for what he believed was the truth.

Tumbo on the other hand suffers under the pretence of being loyal to the Boss when he feels that the governance of Kafira has failed in improving the standards of life of the people. His fear makes him a slave to the draconian leadership of Boss.

Regina too suffers the injustice of a brutal government. According to Moses, they beat up Regina until she was forced to give false evidence against her brother.

In the prison there is a lot of talk about the suffering outside of the walls of incarceration. According to Jere and Mosese it was better to be incarcerated than be a free man because it attracted a lot of suffering brought in by the strict arm of the law.

Jere observes the Askari, in administering his duties, is in more suffering than they who are behind bars.

In conclusion, the society of Kafira suffers most in fear of the authority who have taken the advantage to administer ruthless leadership immersed in corruption and untold homicides that instill more fear



  1. Kafira is an imaginery African state.It shows the sufferings of African people under adages of poor governance,greed,corruption,poverty,social misorders and injustice.your analysis are excellent and may you post more of them to help the young students equip themselves for the final exam at high sch level.

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