GRUSHA arrives in her brother LAVRENTI VASHNADZE’s house tired and worn out and on a verge of delirium. LAVRENTI is worried that GRUSHA has illegitimate child. His worry is that, his wife ANIKA is religious and will not allow an illegitimate child to stay around is against religious teachings.
From the song of the Center we are drawn to the predicament those who remain behind feel about war. GRUSHA is uncertain whether SIMON will survive the war and come to her unscathed. Meanwhile her life in the Northern Mountains is unbearable since she lives isolated because of the illegitimate child who does not have legal and religious recognition.
LAVRENTI finds a peasant woman who has a son that is bed ridden and is about to die. Since the woman is desperate for money, LAVRENTI offers to marry GRUSHA to the dying man so that MICHAEL may have papers. GRUSHA having no option decided to take the offer.
The wedding ceremony is conducted on the dying man’s death bed. The MONK presiding the ceremony is drunk and does not notice the illegitimate child but sardonically hints at the awkwardness of the situation. There are mourners and equally celebrations of the wedding.
After the wedding, mourners come in large numbers. There suddenly erupts a discussion on the matters of the war. Someone mentions that the war is over and the soldiers are coming home. GRUSHA is devastated.
When the dying man, JUSSUP gets wind of the news that the war is over, he wakes from his death bed and sends away all the mourners who were enjoying cakes over gossip. He then demands submission from GRUSHA.
MICHAEL and other children play the coup. MICHAEL refuses to be the GOVERNOR and wants the role of THE FAT PRINCE who slays the GOVERNOR. Meanwhile, SIMON SHASHAVA comes by the river and finds GRUSHA washing clothes. SIMON is notices clothes of a young one, a significance the young lady could have married and has a child. SIMON is wounded and demands his necklace back.
GRUSHA is interrupted by noise from the children as SIMON makes his leave. She caught between running for SIMON her love and MICHAEL who is being taken away by two IRONSHIRTS. She decides to run for MICHAEL who has been summoned by the NATELLA ABASHWILI his mother.
It is a wonder how GRUSHA loves MICHAEL. She has gone to extremes to make sure that she remains with the child. She has even sacrificed her vow to SIMON SHASHAVA but she is unrelenting yet she and MICHAEL are not of the same blood!
1. GRUSHA is received coldly by his brother LAVRENTI who is worried of the child.
2. GRUSHA marries JUSSUP to make the child legitimate.
3. MICHAEL is taken by the IRONSHIRTS.
4. SIMON gets angry because of GRUSHA’s marriage.
1. Do you think GRUSHA’s act of marrying JUSSUP was ill-considered?
2. Explain the character of LAVRENTI character.
3. Explain the IMPACT of the game MICHAEL and the kids play.
1. The act exposes the weakness of religious beliefs which creates loopholes for exploitation especially for the women as seen in GRUSHA’s predicament.


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