Elizabeth delivered twins Veronica and Rebecca. The two girls had varied personality and physique. Becky (Rebecca) was startlingly beautiful and an avid attention seeker while Vera was quite intelligent and independent minded. When Vera and Becky were two years old, Elizabeth got another child, a boy Aoro. Mark decided that his young family could no longer stay in Nakuru because of the raging struggle for independence in Kenya. He took Elizabeth and the kids to Aluor where he thought they will be safe. This decision was questioned by Mark’s mother who felt the children should her stayed in their paternal home.

Back in Nakuru Mark engages in extra-marital affair with a certain girl. This woman after staying with Mark for some time, she claims to be pregnant. The allegation snaps Mark out of his dreamland and he sends her parking. He decides to go back to Aluor and see his family.

At Aluor Elizabeth decides to park their things and go back to Nakuru since it looked like Mark had forgotten all about them. Elizabeth heard the rumours about a woman in her house but chose to keep them under the bed.  


  1. The birth of the twins; veronica and Rebecca.
  2. Aoro, durng the dry season is born.
  3. The fear of Mau Mau rebels forces Mark to take children to Aluor.
  4. Mark engages in extra-marital affair.


  1. Do you think it was excusable for Mark to cheat on his wife? If it was, do you support Elizabeth decision to keep quiet about it?
  2. Explain the difference in the character of Vera and Becky.


  1. Mark realizes the harsh reality of monogamous relationship. He strays a little but now seems to accept the fact that he confessed to have one wife. It does not occur to him that in some parts of his world including his own culture men have more than one wife. What is written all over his face is the guilt of cheating on his wife Elizabeth Awiti.
  2. The responsibility of taking care of the family has slowly shifted from being that of a woman to being the duty of a man. Mark Elizabeth says, must have someone to remind him of his responsibilities. Compare Mark’s responsibility to that of Akoko.



The country celebrates its independence under Mzee Kenyatta and Oginga Odinga, everyone is happy that finally Uhuru has come. The country is faced by so many problems including incompetence or as Kenyatta put it ignorance, poverty and………… the leaders call people t go back to the lands and work.


There were so many job opportunities and in 1967, Mark got a promotion as manager and moved to a much bigger house. He now had a bigger family which consisted of; Vera and Becky, Aoro, Anthony Jr, the twins, Opiyo and Odongo and the last born Mary.


Vera was a brilliant and hardworking student while Becky, who got everything she wanted did not know hoe to put in much more effort. Vera passed her certificate of Primary education but declined to join the national school she had been called to. She joined Becky’s school (Riverside high) instead.


  1. Independence and its associated problems.
  2. Marks hardwork and the labour of putting shelter on his family.
  3. Progress of Marks family.


  1. Expound on the emerging differences between Vera and Becky.
  2. According to the chapter, outline the problems Kenya inherited from the colonial government that still bedevils her.


  1. The chapter reveals the new kind of slavery. Mark Sigu has to work extra hard to provide for his family. He is enslaved to his job and paying of rent. He does not own a home but rather has to move from one house to another according to how much money he earns. Everything surrounds money and one is counted as being rich according to how much money he/she earns. The money one gets determines where that person lives.
  2. Despite earning substantial amount of money Mark has chosen to stay in rented houses. This is one of the bigger problem that faces most Kenyan towns- a large percentage of urban dwellers do not consider the said urban centers as homes but rather there ancestral homes.
  3. Academics has taken a caste system where those who perform well go to better schools while those with abysmal performance are relegated to what is considered as smaller schools. Does this procedure inhibit some student potential?



Aoro sigu was like Obura son of Owuor Kembo. He was ‘swift and bright; confident and curious’ with three younger boys under him, he became overly adventurous. One day they went fishing, Aoro and Tony took to fishing oblivious of their brothers Opiyo and Odongo.

Odongo Almost drowned but the noise of Opiyo who was screaming attracted the bigger boys who rescued their brother. At home, there was a case waiting for them. Aoro and Tony were punished for it was there word against the younger boys.

The boys swore never to go anywhere with Opiyo and Odongo.

Meanwhile Tony develops acute appendicitis and is rushed to the hospital at night. Aoro is very worried of his brother but receives the good news that after operation, Tony will be well.


  1. The near death experience of Odongo by drowning.
  2. Tony develops an acute appendicitis.


  1. Narrate and event in your life where your parent(s) punished you severely.
  2. Do you support how the Sigu’s treated their children?


  1. The rigors of family life are setting in and the Sigu’s have to deal with the day to day challenges of raising a family. The near death experience of Odongo opens Mark to the dangers crawling outside there where he thought the boys could not venture out to. He now realizes that there is so much to young boys that just sitting around or in the neighbourhood.
  2. Tony’s appendicitis literally gives us the notion that, as a parent, one sleeps with one eye open. This emergency also opens a door to good neighbourliness, if it were not for the neighbour’s help, Mark would have lost his child.



Aoro examines Tony’s stitches and a fortnight later, he operates on a helpless frog successfully. His journey to medical school had begun.

Peter pays them a visit. Every child in the house is excited to be with him especially Tony who has hundreds of questions about priesthood. Mark is apprehensive for it is evident that Tony is eyeing priesthood. Many parents have reservations when children tend to incline to fields they (parents) are not comfortable with. Peter was on his way to getting a promotion to become bishop.

After staying for a while, he left for Aluor to pay a visit to his Aunt Maria, (Some versions of books say COUSIN MARIA* pg165 but it should be considered just as a typing error and corrected)

It was decided that Opiyo and Odongo should go with Peter and keep their grandmother Maria Awiti company.

Aoro performs exceptionally is invited to join one of the best schools in the country. This inspires Tony to work even harder.

At school Aoro takes time to adapt and is sent home for indiscipline. His suspension attracts the wrath of his Father who grants him independence as an adult to start a life.

Aoro is troubled to submission and changes his view of his father. He resolves to go back to school and never disappoint.


  1. Aoro like his great great ancestor Obanda, from whom Akoko Obanda got her name from, shows his passion in medicine.
  2. Tony shows an interest in priesthood when Uncle Peter pays them a visit. Peter is on the way to becoming Bishop.
  3. Opiyo and Odongo are taken to Aluor to keep their grandmother company.
  4. Aoro joins Form one but he receives a suspension which ends him on the wrong side of his father.


  1. Do you think Aoro’s punishment was justifiable? Explain.
  2. What are some of the harsh realities in boarding schools?
  3. As a parent, would you allow your child to join priesthood? Explain.
  4. Write an essay showing how priesthood is looked at today.


  1. Many parents fail to notice the interests of young children at this age. Aoro is now discovering his niche and according to the result of his experiment he is quite good. There are things children do in childhood which opens up new avenues for r their lives in future and technically Aoro is on the right track.
  2. Regardless of their choices, children stir quite a dilemma in their parent’s life. Anthony Jr. has overzealous questions for his uncle Peter about the seminary and church. Mark calmly contemplates whether he has the audacity to let his son, though he had other sons to follow what he (Tony) believes in. most parents have had to kill their children’s dreams by virtue of controlling their life and knowing what is better for the kid.



This chapter is a flashback of the birth of Mary the last born of Mark and Elizabeth Sigu. The pregnancy was a torturous one for Elizabeth given that she developed a high pressure. The doctors feared for both the mother and the child’s life. Elizabeth held on until the induction of labour which gave her the girl Mary.

Mary received glowing love from Mark her father. She was taken to the best private school and her father personally drove her to school. This attracted envy from Becky who was known to be the only attention seeker.

Becky’s remark about how Mary was loved by their father brought a huge scuffle between the twins Vera and Becky. This brought a huge rift between the girls never to be amended


  1. Pregnancy and the birth of Mary- the last born child.
  2. Showers and floods of love shown to mary by her father creating envy in Becky.
  3. Confrontation between Becky and Vera which attracts intervention from their mother.


  1. Do you believe in the saying that most last borns are spoiled? Explain.
  2. Vera and Becky show the height of sibling rivalry. Explain the impact of this rivalry to their relationship.


  1. The value of life is appreciated in this chapter. Mark puts everything at risk to try and save his last born’s life from the jaws of death. He puts his wife’s life in danger but at the end of the day, his prayers and fears pays up.
  2. Vera and Becky’s relationship degenerates into bitter and painful reflections. Did the parents see this coming? It is important for parents to be on the look out for such vital signs especially when kids advance in age. More often, sibling rivalry break that blood bond beyond repair especially in occasions where children have different personalities like Vera and Becky.



The secondary school results came out and Vera had done well in sciences and Mathematics. Becky got second division which she was well pleased with. Antony got 36 points in his Certificate for Primary Education. He surely knew he had earned a spot in Aoro’s school. Becky wanted to look for work but Mark insisted that he should go back for A-levels.

Meanwhile a telegram from Aluor brings in news of Maria’s sickness. Elizabeth is beside herself with fear. Maria dies in hospital Elizabeth by her bedside.


  1. The children pass their exams and Mark prevails upon his beautiful daughter Becky to continue with her A-levels.
  2. Maria dies at the age of 70.


  1. Relate the death of Maria to that of Akoko Obanda.
  2. In your opinion and basing on Becky’s decision not to join A-levels. What is the importance of education?


  1. Beckey was extremely beautiful. Any man certainly would have paid heavy bride price for her. Consider many years ago- Akoko was exceptionally beautiful and thirty head of cattle were given in appreciation. At this age and time hover, what Beckey is looking for is work and Mark, instead of being ready to take in suitors, is busy sending his girls to school.
  2. The death of Maria Nyabera yanks life away from Aluor and the present da river rages on in Nakuru wanting to burst into other corners of the world. From what we see, this river does not turn back.



Opiyo and odongo return to Nakuru after staying with their grandmother. Education is central among the Sigus and as examinations approach, five candidates at the same time, the house is on fire. Aoro was sitting for his O-levels, Vera and Becky for the A-levels and Opiyo and Odongo for the Certificate of Primary Education.

Vera and Becky are now in the prime of their ages and boys are milling around. One guy, Tommy Muhambe is interested in Vera. Vera brings this question to her dad requesting for permission to go with Tommy to the movies.

When results came out, Aoro had performed well in his O-levels with six distinctions. Vera got two A’s and a B. she decided to do electrical engineering at the university.

Becky flunked in her subjects but she had other plans which after the results she put into force by secretly eloping from home leaving behind a note.


  1. Opiyo and odongo return to Nakuru after the death of their grandmother.
  2. There are a total of five candidates at different levels in Mark’s houe. Opiyo and Odomgo doing their CPE, Aoro his O-levels and Vera and Becky their A-levels.
  3. Vera asks permission to go to the movies with Tommy Muhambe.
  4. When results come out, Vera decides to pursue electrical engineering while Becky elopes to the city.


  1. Differentiate between life in traditional African courtship and modern day courtship.
  2. Explain the character of Vera as shown in this chapter contrasting it to her twin Becky.



  1. Vera portrays maturity when she asks her father to give her permission to go to the movies. She showcases aspects of adult responsibility and respect for her father unlike many girls who elope without asking.  It was unthinkable for her father to deny her such a huge chance when she had expressed herself very well.
  2. Becky on the other her shows her sheer lack of self expression by simply slipping away without having her chance with her parents. The image here is reminiscent of many families whose children choose to escape into a world where they think they can make independent decisions.



Life in the campus was fun. Vera did not know what to do with so much freedom at hand. Many girls in the campus were either dating the rich affluent that picked them at school or seeing some campus students.

Vera maintained her steady relationship with Tommy. Tommy proposes to her but she declines ending their 3 year relationship. With emptiness in her heart, Vera ventures on a journey to look for her long lost twin sister.

She finally tracks her sister at Jomo Kenyatta International airport.


  1. Vera adapts to campus life and its freedom.
  2. Tommy’s proposal from marriage is humbly rejected by Vera.
  3. Vera goes on the hunt for her long lost sister and tracks her down at the Airport.



  1. Explain the reasons for Tommy’s rejection. Was it premature to propose?
  2. Do you think Vera made the right decision to track down her sister? Discuss.


  1. The decision on marriage now lies between two consenting adults. It is not like time ago where the father accepted or rejected the offer. Vera unlike her great grandmother turns down Tommy Muhambe’s marriage proposal.




Becky lived an affluent life. She was now dating John Courtney a Canadian national who was a pilot. Vera was shocked that they were planning to get married without informing Becky’s parents. The conversation turned towards going back home. John quipped in and the two managed to convince Becky to go and see her parents.


  1. Becky is engaged to be married to a Canadian John Courtney, the pilot.
  2. Vera and John manage to convince her to go back  home and visit her parents


  1. Discuss the barriers associated with inter-racial marriages.
  2. Does Becky love Courtney or money? Explain.



  1. Society is now expanding making the world a global village. Inter-racial marriages are now commonplace. Vera seems comfortable with her white boyfriend.



Mary-Anne Ngugi was Vera’s friend and roommate in the university. In her loneliness, Vera opened up to Mary- Anne about their love gone sour with Tommy. Vera too had been heartbroken with her action. The two girls talk about Vera’s twin Becky. The conversation extends to the larger Sigu family.

Mary-Anne invites Vera to a recollection at Parkview College, which she readily agrees. It was Sunday the two girls went to church where they enjoyed service. After service Vera’s mind had many questions about her religion and how well she knew it.

That evening she went to watch a play and enjoyed it. The week that followed was full for most student in the university were preparing for their final exams. Vera had learned the art of preparing early and so she was more than ready.

When Saturday came, the girls boarded a matatu towards Kangemi. Vera was introduced to a group of Christians who had different view of church and work among other lives challenges.

She got out of the church puzzled but Mary-Anne offered to give her books which will help her understand better.


  1. After the break up Vera resumes normal life trying to re-establish herself.
  2. She attends a church service where she starts questioning her spirituality and how well she knows God.
  3. Mary-Anne introduces her to a group of strict church people where she earnestly starts on the journey of understanding her mission towards God.


  1. Vera sets on a new journey to redefine herself. Discuss the events that transpired in Nyabera’s life back then that led to such huge change we see in the book.
  2. There are many questions about spirituality that we confront every day. Basing on Vera’s questions, do you think learned people appreciate Christian values and their roles? Discuss.


  1. Usually when one is faced by major challenges in life, they reflect upon their life to make some decisions which may ultimately change their future.  Vera, recovering from a broken relationship tries to make some decisions which bring her closer to understanding her spirituality. This leads us to the question, is it only pain and despair that draws us closer to our God?


  1. Mark Sigu does a commendable job in bringing up his children. It is with no doubt that a successful family is hinged on strict discipline. Mark is indeed a caring father and a loving husband. Though he slides a bit when his family is away, he comes back to his senses and does even more. He is a very hardworking man, who cares more than anything else about his children’s education. Besides, he makes life better each time he gets promotion. He moves his family to a better and more spacious house especially due to the fact that his family is becoming larger.Mark leads an excemplary life. Cudos!!!!!

      AKOKO’s marriage to chief AWOUR KEMBO is and exemplary marriage which epitomizes respect and understanding from each partner. It is a marriage that one can describe as a marriage ordained from the word go. Essentially many picture love as the cornerstone of any successful marriage. It is not a myth though, love is a glue that unites a relationship.
      It is common knowledge that AKOKO and KEMBO never dated but what stands out is, the magnetic pull with which OWUOR KEMBO was compelled to paying 30 heads of cattle unflinchingly. Much less their marriage became astonishingly successful.
      I would digress from the above question and point out that, if the meaning of love is looked along the line of dating and being allowed to make a choice on who you want to marry, then, that kind of love is irrelevant. But if love, is based on understanding each other then, love is always a key ingredient in successful marriages.
      Therefore on the grounds of my first definition of love, I would agree that, love is not that important in successful marriages. AKOKO did not choose a suitor for herserlf. It was rather her father who set the rules of engagement. In fact the chief, ODERO GOGNI, had established that, she would only marry a son of a chief and that she should be a MIKAI. All this rules were to fulfill ODERO GOGNI’s selfish ambitions, they never focused on the interest of AKOKO, the girl to be married of.
      On the other hand, OWUOR KEMBO was in dire need of a MIKAI. His evaluation of the girl was based on hearsay from the JAWANG’YO (spy) who had been sent to look for a suitor. This establishes the fact that, even the man himself never knew the girl he intended to marry especially in circumstances like those of OWUOR KEMBO. He only saw AKOKO for the first time when she had been called to come and greet the guests.
      Even after the ‘inspection’ AKOKO had no say in the matter until the time she was married off. In the present society it would be weird to go of with a stranger because of the dictates of the society.
      NYABERA, the daughter of AKOKO is too married of to OKUMU without question for picayune reason that OKUMU was near home and so she would be around to help her mother when help is needed. She seem contented in her marriage despite the unfortunate incidents of death which claimed her children. Without question, when her husband dies, she is inherited. She commits to her new association with dedication until OGOMA KWACH, forsakes his family to be with her.
      From the above relationships, the society dictates the rules of engagements and the two parties do not really know what they are getting to. The submissively bow to culture and as seen manage to make their relationships work.
      However, in the generation of MARK ANTHONY OLOO SIGU, there is a slight digress from the norm. MARK spots ELIZABETH AWITI and declares his love for her before the elders from the two clans could meet and negotiate. Similarly, AORO SIGU, proposes to his long time girlfriend, WANDIA MUGO before the two can even meet their parents. Despite the change in the tradition of the institution of marriage, the two relationships manage to have successful matrimony.
      In the case of VERA and ANTHONY MUHAMBE, their steady love is mired with VERA’s educational ambitions. It crumbles and VERA joins OPUS DEI. REBECCAH (BECKY) has love for money. We do not exactly know whether she loved JOHN COURTNEY, but the fact that she married him and was wounded when he left shows that there was love between them. VERA in fact admires the love between them when she pays them a visit after breaking up with MUHAMBE. This union crumbles due to infidelity.
      In conclusion, successful marriages, even devoid love, heavily depends on the devotion of the two parties involved, sacrifice and understanding. MARK, after cheating on his wife bowed to shame and moved on with life forgetting the sad incident. AWITI hearing the rumours chose to bury all and kept on a stoic face. OWUOR KEMBO, even though his wife was hard at give birth chose to be with her as her sole companion.

    2. Akoko and owuor lives an exemplary life but we see lattern on it becomes a success.People should not dwel on love but the passion in them.

    3. where there is true love all goes and that is when u get the love to forgive and respect each others decisions love wins all. LOVE IS ENVITABLE TRUE LOVE BEARS HARDSHIPS


    1. Nixon, if I understand your question correctly, you want me to discuss style and language use? That is diverse, I will see what I will do.

      1. please mwalimusend me notes on language and styles used in the River And the source….kindly

  3. Tr; i personally believe love must be considered no 1 in any marriage to work,explain why you think so. Good job i like everything and the story of the river and the source is a touching one.And slow down with those big words from Germany,sometimes i blush hearing them, your work is superb.Av always wanted to be good english speaker but the words are hard even to pronounce.You’ll teach me how to do it right?God bless. Maureen.

      1. Stevo, I guess you are mistaken, this Book-The River and the Source is as credible as any other. We it addresses the role an African woman has played over time yet she is cast on the background. Just to caption a part of the book, if a man is lazy, his laziness is covered by his hardworking wife, but if the wife is lazy….. ” I don’t know if I got that right.

    1. the author comes from the luo background and so wrote of her own experience and she uplifts the female above male to show the dyhnamics they have gone through…there are so many other texts that have exalted the male…l and there were no concerns..

    2. Yes Stevo ….this is totally a feministic book ….the writer has elevated all the female characters even though some do not exhibit admirable qualities as some of the men like Owuor kembo who inhibits admirable qualities but Ogolla eliminates him by the stroke of the pen,….we also see that as the novel begins,.. There is a mention of nine sons but however Ogolla picks on the female counterpart and elevates her against all the men,….I have a lot to share but time

    1. How are you teacher? am not able to get the river and the source book and i really need it.Do we have any other books that relate like that one of margaret ogolla? Do you have one that i can have a glimpse on ?kindly let me know all the books that can be useful in english and bio.I have come across some but not sure.And about essays and dissertations are they only for PHD and masters students coz i came across one saying so.? Thanks good day.

      1. Thank you so much Maureen. Your question is diverse and engaging in a tricky way. There are so many books out there but unfortunately, The River and the Source has no alternative. Same applies to The Caucasian Chalk Circle and Betrayal in the City.

        As for Biology, you can use any book on anatomy although it’s narrow. You can also try other books used by first years in the university or buy the KLB books.

  4. The text is not biased at all, its a potrayal of the struggles of the african woman and her triumphancy over the male dominated african culture.

      1. its not that men were second fiddle but taking it in that the novel is written from the perspective of a female writer ,Ogala was out to exalt he lady and do away with any man who held on to masculine chauvinism… as noted with Otieno and also the frequent and sudden deaths of other men out to suppress the women

    1. Owuor Kembo was the chief of Sakwa. After his death, his son Owuor Sino took over, but he choked on a fish bone hence the leadership landed on the house of Otieno Kembo (the younger brother of owuor Kembo)

  5. Margeret Ogolla has done exemplary in this field,i admire her so much,infact this is one of the literature books i enjoyed in high school…kudos Ogolla

  6. The book is much appealing bt to comment on issues earlier raised is that the teacher should tone down his language.
    Long live literature! !!!

  7. I have realy being blessed by your disction and i would like to join the discation. so that we may help each other .Thunk you

  8. i was kinda wondering how the proverb “spare the rod spoil the child” can be related to the river and the source

    1. Mawigi, I will answer your question basing on How Mark Sigu brought up his children. However, I will a little digress on the rod thing basing my illustration on how Aoro brought up his children to show you the contrast and comparison. watch out for next post. Thank you.

  9. 1)Discuss the role of fathers in the novel the River And the Source?

    2)Discus the role of mothers in the novel the River and Source?

    3)Discuss the role of family in the novel the River and the Source?

    4)Discuss the theme of education in the novel the River and the Source?

  10. this is the most understanding book I’m doing in high school……this questions you are asking …have come in my exams and this is of so much help…thank u ..Jemima

  11. helo okach please help me.dignity of a woman to live life to full and to fight to the end basing your illustration to the river and the source.

  12. I’ll appreciate if you keep all essays together and also give essay related questions…
    otherwise thanks a lot👍👏

  13. Akoko is the epitome of courage and preseverance,write an essayin support of this xtatment basing your answer on margaret ogola ‘s text THE RIVER AND THE SOURCE

  14. thanks for these help Mwalimu …
    I wish all set books be like this.
    its the book have enjoyed most in high school

  15. i am a teacher of english literature ,what i have read here has actually made me so many areas i couldnt see .please mwalimu is it possible to send this summary to me thru my email account ,please .

  16. how is it that the roles of women is still unachievable.basing on the set text the river and the source

  17. would you please adress some of the questions in the novel that might or are related to the kcse ,
    am really concerned about questions more at this time. please do so.

  18. i really love the book, and how it is analyzed here,may i also know x’ters who are in a state of disharmony and those who are brought together as a result of shared values in the novel.

  19. I realy appreciate the themes of love and marriage, would u clarify if i was wrong to use a suitor JAWANG’YO in my third marriage especially in this modern society,coz lov dint work in my first and second marriage

    1. Patrick, that is a great question. It is not bad to use Jawangyo, one of the greatest thing about experienced jawangyo’s is they know your needs, especially if you have lived around them for a very long time hence their choice would be preferable based on merit other than lust and beauty. However, one should make sure that the Jawangyo they use has their best interest at heart.

  20. If women were to be like akoko the state kenya is in right now could be no more becoz am sure a woman like akoko who removed otieno from the chiefs stool would have done so to some of our corrup leaders ama sivyo mwalimu @ 0710364412

    1. That’s a candid observation, the role of such literature is to empower us take on our responsibilities in society. You can be Akoko and vote out the corrupt pigs in leadership. You can be Akoko and Speak against the bad leadership in society, You can be Akoko and educate the masses the power their ballot has to revolutionise the change you crave for.

      1. I love this book a lot,please can you clearly explain where in the River and the Source where team Mafish is portrayed out. thank

  21. In a normal society inhabited by the society change is inevitable as life itself refering to Margret Ogolla “The river and the source ” Write an essay to show how chabge affects the life of varioue people

  22. The novel The River and The Source,encourage the youth to work hard basically on education progress. Here Aoro was for focusing for medical learning,also Tony adapted same spirit and interest of working harder than Aoro.

  23. hi okach! Am a producer of set book theaters group an an actor too, am humbly asking for ur namba I think I should contact u personally, wat do u think

  24. Hi Mwalimu i am a student of English and literature currently a 2nd year. I would like you to send me the summary through my email. Thank you and i am real impressed by your work.

  25. i bet this is a perfect and aggrandized presentation…i kowtow you sir…….this masterpiece has helped me to have a deep understanding of the text…….congrats for the job well done…..

  26. Hello, am pleased of your artistic responses… Am a literature teacher… Could you please send me the analysis of the river and the source via my email please…

  27. wow….this is awesome!Teacher please send me the summary of the book n analysis of themes in the text.congratulations for the good work.Cudos! Mageret Ogola for the great text!

  28. Good work! I appreciate your work! Send me via my email address the general analysis of the text on the major themes, the setting of novel and the character traits of each individual character and the their similarities as the story shift.

  29. Mwalimu you’re really doing a good job indeed am nourished in understanding the book. Am a literature student teacher currently in a certain school working under B.O.M help me with the notes on summary,themes and stylistic devices on the Novel The River and The Source.

  30. too much ambition breaks a man. how much is this statement in light of what has talen place in becky’s life. as in river and source

  31. “Akoko is the epitome of courage and enduarance
    basing illustrations from the novel
    #The River and the Source justify this statement

  32. You are doing good work.
    What are social factors that affect development of literature found in the river and the source.

  33. hey am a candidate thix year bt i dnt underxtood the novel vry well plz jxt send 4 me the xumery of the buk+the themex $ characterisation plzz i lve ur buk very interexting

  34. Akoko is an epitome of courage using evidence from The river and the source ,write an essay showing the truth in this statement

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