The Art of Giving is Self sacrifice. It is putting away all you believed in and embracing the others needs. Akoko in this chapter gives more than she receives. The part I end when she has lost all that she could have held to in her matrimonial home. She forsakes her happy life as a married woman and goes home to lead a desolate life as a migogo. A migogo meant that, she will be looked down upon by her brothers’ wife. She would be ridiculed and if we remember well; Akoko did not take lightly ridicule or sneer. There was a time she shouted down her mother-in-law (maro) for accusing her of being a witch (juok).

Akoko knew very well what she was getting into when she settled down in her brother Oloo’s house. She was ready to live with them as l;ong as her grandson Owuor Sino found comfort other than being molested in Otieno’s household. She left the wealth she had build in years in Sakwa to live among her paternal household.

As we manoeuvre through part II we found that there is more to giving than the want to help. Giving involves denial of one’s comfort for the sake of others. Nyabera tries in earnest to get and raise children for her and her husband Okumu. When Okumu dies, she tries it with Ogoma Kwach but all fails. In despair and with only one child, she joins Christianity. Not long in Christianity, she heard of a man whose wife had died. She leaves her mother, daughter and nephew in Aluor to satisfy her quest but returns having failed. She learns the hard way that, it’s better to be content than trying to give and find happiness where there is none.

The biggest sacrifice ever in part II however is when Akoko blesses her grandson Petro Owuor Sino (Peter Owuor Kembo) to take on his vocation. In accepting to this outrageous decision, Akoko loses her right to reclaim her matrimonial home and the continuity of her and her husband’s lineage- given that most African communities were patrilineal. In letting Peter become a vicar, she made him and those of her keen lose the chief stool to the younger family in Sakwa. She literally cut her links with Sakwa permanently.

Therefore Giving is an art since few people are ready to go to such extremes as Akoko, Nyabera and those around her, to let those they love enjoy their life to the fullest.


6 thoughts on “CHAPTER ANAYSIS OF THE RIVER AND THE SOURCE by Margaret Ogola

  1. Hello i hope you are doing great please help me to discuss this question.In the text the river and the source,the author implies that,”it is one’s responsibility to build or destroy oneself.”illustrate the validity of this statement using any four characters from margaret ogola’s the river and the source.

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