did I say,
Am gone?
or did I just sat there like a clown
feeling so alone?
come oh!
baby come.

missed the lines
but I did not forget the rhymes,
burried in designs,
peeling back the mask,
quite a hideous task,
as the babe stealthily through the night,
boarded an evening flight,
come oh!
baby come.

thrown in a worded jungle,
smelly the ears hum like a jingle,
like the flying toilets of kibera,
the stench thrown ‘s not an opera,
lost in the winds the stars shone,
as the baby left the war to cyclone
and fun to be borne
come oh!
baby come.

when will baby come?
to receive spanking scorn,
rebuke, and warn.
when will baby come?
to cry the tears of pain
with nothing to gain
but a camera and mike
to cry to the world at large.
oh baby!
don’t  come.