Clad in a lovely business suit,

She wake majestically as if in pursuit,

Her well officious smile

Looking my way as she left me buried in a paper,

Dropped a crumpled piece of sheet on my desk

And passed brisk never looking  back.


I dropped the paper,

I uncrumpled the sheet,

And hurriedly uncoiled, recoiled

And then baffled by the art on this sheet,

Not that the message was sweet

And not ghastly either.


Hidden not exposed,

Just like her serene heart

Flowing honey and wandering wildly like a butterfly.

Like the setting sun

Hidden within the blankets of clouds

Her words; LGEIFSNE send shivers of a

Darkened hope unexposed,

Expectations that I had not revealed,

Neither keened an eye of desire of a burning fire,

And connected a wire

To bond.

Her felicity,

Scathed my own rendezvous,

For I had ignored her tender look.

LGEIFSNE still lingers in my mind,

The tap of her shoes ringing a bell,

As her wasp waist wiggles in the air.

Creating a mist in my eyes,

Leaving a silhouette of her beauty

Forever in my eyes.





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