Just in

Silence solemn and sad I smiled,

At a distant star

Or is it an illusion,

Thought in my mum mind that I had found,

The light that could outshine the darkness in my heart

Restore the hurt and hurtle in brilliance

Just in

An illusion



I crawl sanely,

Down from the dungeon of suffering,

My heart floating in a magic spell

Thrown my way by wind

I don’t know



I crawl sanely,

Down the loopholes of despair

Blown my way by the illusion of

Love in dust of despair

I boil so




Carried by the tirade of the gone days,

I smile though the smile a distant near far,

Not so to discern.

Call me not call again,

Thine soul and presence clear as ice

I cringe!

Tired, may the memories of the past dissipate into thin air?

Hope so to shine at the glory of gone days

I wish not to remember.






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