I know it in your heart, you hurt
The heart inside shows the hurt outside,
I know you hurt inside your heart too,
I hurt too my heart in despair; I was hurt too.

We fell down the fall; the fall not so pleasing,
Our graves we dug deep within our hearts
Were they that deep?
I dipped my anger in you and so did you.
A blame I carry since you are to blame;
You blame me.

The years in fear, the tears I tear, tear me apart
Can you feel the tear as we tear apart?
Our friendship in tatters,
I tear apart as I rub a tear

Though near my dear friend you are far,
Far from reach though I yearn for the friendship we shared,
Sheer was the share but the shear that cost the tear made my eyes tear,
My heart tear.

Solemn in a sad heart hurt I pray,
For that day when our sour hearts,
Shall forget the past and burry what passed
Between us as we walk our
Acrimony and forge a present to present to our kin.

My dear friend we should not be fiend,
We should have a heart to forgive and forgive devoid the hurt,
Let’s bury the hatchet, drain the river between
Or at least build a bridge,
I need you and so do you
Our gap agape so monstrous
Creates a void we should avoid
If together we want to build a future.

A future for our kin keen to prosper
We should say sorry shake hands hug and handle the tools
To build a better world.
A nation divided is a false hope to those who lie in lie
A nation united is a true hope for the future generations
Let us say sorry.


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