Main, minor jobs we do in deed,
Courage, fear we clearly show,
Standing, we sit in a maze of confusion in tow,
Mess and travesty of gone beauty,
Beauty with held by our own surrender,
Crystal clear we talk more than we act.

Decades of amorous love and greed,
Have surpassed our very reason, reason to believe.
To believe in everything that we do good or just.
Cocoons we hide in are just but exposed,
Exposed to everyone; no one wants to believe
Since fear is bleeding from every vein.

Down we bring trees and raise none,
Clearly, everyone sees the mess but no one notices,
Our guilt brushed like bitter pill we swallow
As change showeth in our very own eyes,
We rumble,
Who shall save the beautiful green?

Made to believe in riches and wealth,
Taught to fight with energy and zeal,
Cautioned not to walk in weakness and stealth,
Trained to seize and seal
While we forge the next step in breath
We kill our best breeze.
And slowly we sleep in what we created.
Can’t we wake in our own reverie?
And recreate the green we destroy?

Slowly the days twine into weeks,
The scorching sun torment the scurried earth,
Quickly the patches of green die weak,
And the warmth build’s up in strength
Stealing away fragrance of fresh breath
And turning it into stench, filth and morass
The dirt builds up into sickness that makes us writhe on grass
But there is no grass.

T’s time we see reason in every season
Seize any chance and opportunity at least to balance,
Create aroma and beauty back in fashion
Show all the nations in all occasion.
That we used every chance to enhance
The green that was slowly undergoing cessation,
And restore back the beauty not to mention.



I know it in your heart, you hurt
The heart inside shows the hurt outside,
I know you hurt inside your heart too,
I hurt too my heart in despair; I was hurt too.

We fell down the fall; the fall not so pleasing,
Our graves we dug deep within our hearts
Were they that deep?
I dipped my anger in you and so did you.
A blame I carry since you are to blame;
You blame me.

The years in fear, the tears I tear, tear me apart
Can you feel the tear as we tear apart?
Our friendship in tatters,
I tear apart as I rub a tear

Though near my dear friend you are far,
Far from reach though I yearn for the friendship we shared,
Sheer was the share but the shear that cost the tear made my eyes tear,
My heart tear.

Solemn in a sad heart hurt I pray,
For that day when our sour hearts,
Shall forget the past and burry what passed
Between us as we walk our
Acrimony and forge a present to present to our kin.

My dear friend we should not be fiend,
We should have a heart to forgive and forgive devoid the hurt,
Let’s bury the hatchet, drain the river between
Or at least build a bridge,
I need you and so do you
Our gap agape so monstrous
Creates a void we should avoid
If together we want to build a future.

A future for our kin keen to prosper
We should say sorry shake hands hug and handle the tools
To build a better world.
A nation divided is a false hope to those who lie in lie
A nation united is a true hope for the future generations
Let us say sorry.